Secrets to Enneagram Typing

The major mistakes people make when identifying their Enneagram Personality Type and how to avoid them

Stop taking all the tests.

Stop reading all the books.

Stop following the memes and joining all the unmoderated groups.

STOP the frustration of getting so confused about the Enneagram and the offensive stereotyping.

You need a different approach!

Over 90% of my clients have Mistyped Themselves taking a Test... Including myself!
They're just NOT accurate.

After learning my approach in their typing sessions,
they walk away feeling Seen and Known because now they understand what it means to find your type

...and it's not what you think!

"Oh I know exactly what type I am!"

Are you sure?

"Absolutely. 1000%"


Then the methods you learn in this free mini-course will give you even MORE insight into your type, where you might struggle and where you can grow!

You'll also gain a more intuitive sense about the other types that you can rely on as you navigate how you communicate with others.

In an hour or less, you'll gain more clarity about your personality and can get past the Typing Mode and into Growing Mode.

So before you read another book...

or take another online test from a bot...

STOP and CLICK and

Start getting clear about your type!

In this FREE mini-course,
you'll learn the 3 mistakes people make that lead to confusion and offensive stereotyping
and the 3 fixes that I use with my own clients to simplify and make discovering your number faster and more accurate than taking an online test

End the frustrations of Typing with tests and books

And Free Yourself up to start Unboxing Yourself!

What you'll learn...

What Others have to Say...

Learn the Same Approach I use in my Sessions for FREE