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successful in business...

Finally, the tools, training, and tribe you need for both business and personal growth. Unbox the power of the Enneagram to master your relationships with others, to yourself and for your business.

Hey lady, let's face it... the struggle is real

Managing your own business can be stressful...

  • All of the decisions
  • All of the choices
  • Feeling behind
  • Feeling alone
  • Regretting what you did
  • Forgetting who you are

...which is a fast track to giving up or giving out!😣

If you're overwhelmed and questioning yourself...

"How did I come to this?"

It's too easy to fall into the stinkin' thinkin' trap of not being good enough, smart enough, rich enough...

or any limiting belief that threatens your relationship with yourself, and therefore, your relationship with your business.

The Truth is...

  • You are exactly where you need to be
  • Developing the skills you need to have
  • Learning at the pace you need to go order to create the alignment and balance you're craving

Instead, you'll be saying...

"Look how far I've come!"

Truly successful businesses start with a firm foundation of

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Knowing Your Offer

...and developing a strategy that is aligned and balanced to all three.

At UBU, we believe this Alignment becomes effortless when you allow yourself to Be Yourself

The more grounded to who you are at your Core, the better you can serve your clients!

That's how the Enneagram guides you to a more Profitable business providing you with the framework to reach the integrated balanced lifestyle you're working hard to achieve.

You know that Personality Psychology has been used in business for centuries. 

At UBU, you'll use the Enneagram for...

  • Understanding your own motivations, strengths, and values
  • Understanding the difference between what your audience wants and what they need
  • Understanding the dynamics of your messaging to deliver what you promise without compromising yourself or feeling stuck

Step out of "I should know better" mode...

...and into an "I keep getting better" attitude with exclusive access to tools, training, and a tribe that gets you.

When you join UBU as a member...

You'll finally have what you need for both business and personal growth. Unbox the power of the Enneagram to master your relationships with others, to yourself and for your business. Your monthly membership includes:

  • FREE upgrade to the NEW! full-featured Enneagram App for Entrepreneurs on your phone, tablet and desktop 
  • Personal and Business development through interactive games, quizzes, and daily plans
  • Templates, checklists, and guided thought organizers
  • FREE invitations to workshops and events, including priority registration
  • Discounts on UBU private coaching, courses and certification programs
  • Access to a Private Master Library and a training experience personalized for you
  • Access to the archives of 100+ training videos and transcripts
  • FREE Live Office Hours offered 3x month with a certified life and business coach
  • Private community of like-minded lady entrepreneurs and holistic psychology nerds
  • Members-only merch and eligibility for affiliate commissions.
  • ...and it just keeps getting better over time!

Do you remember...

Where you were when you first caught the vision for your business?

You didn't care about making the money as much as you cared about making the impact.

And in making that change in the world, your life will be forever changed in the process!

That $12 sushi you bought last week didn't change your life...

...and it definitely didn't increase your bottom line.

You have the opportunity to say YES right now and dramatically change the course of the future of your business (and your life!)

Trade in your sushi for your Future

"Look out, World...
Here I come!"

Join UBU today

Start seeing the difference it makes in your business to truly know yourself