Grand Opening - February 2022

Finally, leadership development that’s tailored to YOU.

Only 3% are natural-born leaders.
The rest of us are developed.

Life is too short for cookie-cutter programs

Don't be held back trying to fit someone else's mold

You were designed to make a unique difference

Your people deserve the REAL you!

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Discover your unique Leadership Style

Lead your Meaningful Life

Take back Control of your Life

Self-Discovery using the Enneagram and 9 Acknowledgment Languages™
helps you identify your Core Motivations, Core Strengths, and Core Values.

Feeling out of control results from a lack of boundaries or systems that fit your personality.

Your clients or students aren't perfect.

Sometimes your Personality might clash, but that doesn't mean you can't genuinely serve them.

We don't just care about your career.
We care about you.

Don't waste time on programs designed for the masses.

At UBU, you are encouraged to Be Yourself while at the same time, allowing others to Be Themselves. And we believe the Enneagram is the best tool to streamline your boundaries and build genuine relationships.

We even take understanding the Enneagram one step further with our exclusive 9 Acknowledgment Languages™ methodology and framework. 

You won't be inspiring if you're not leading from the core of who you are created to be!

We understand what it's like to follow what's trending, to covet what's working for those successful role models, and long to make a difference in the world like the John Maxwells or Brene Browns out there.

How do you lead?

The Educator

The Coach

The Parent Figure

The people you Mentor deserve the REAL you!

"Much more in depth and completely different approach [to the Enneagram]. It's helped me understand myself much better and have more compassion for others and how they process.

It's an honor to work with you!"

Bella B

Empowerment Coach

"Jen is so good at asking the right questions as she guided me along this journey. Since learning my true type, I have more confidence and clarity on what motivates me.

When I find myself spiraling downwards, I now have practical steps to take so i get back to where I want to be."

Alyssa B

Mom, Piano Instructor and Business Owner

"This program has helped make mindset shifts I didn't even know I needed to make so I could get clarity in my business.

On a personal level, this program has helped me to better understand my husband and children, which has strengthened my relationships with them."

Lea J

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Homeschool Mom

Courses and Community

The 9 Acknowledgment Languages™ (expanded)

New and improved video-based course, with Live group coaching option.

For beginner and intermediate Enneagram learners who want to cut through the fluff and learn the easier, more practical way to use the Enneagram for a happier, more meaningful life.

UBU Coach Certification Program

Add "Certified Coach" to your credentials

Learn how to use the Enneagram to connect better with your clients and students. A 12-week program of advanced Enneagram education, Coaching skills, and Marketing your own brand of coaching. This online course includes 20+ video lessons, workbooks with session templates and worksheets, 130+ audio-video library with searchable transcripts. Plus weekly live meetings for support and practicing your skills.

1-1 Life in Business Mentorship Program

Success without the Stuck

It's like having a Life and Business coach in your back pocket! Quarterly Focus planning and accountability that is customized to your personality and life goals. Unlimited email support and live biweekly sessions

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