Finally, Get Crystal Clear on the 
Best Way to Serve Your People

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Business Programs

Applied Enneagram Training Programs for Content Creation, Marketing, and Coaching Certification

You want to help People, but...

  • You don't know where to start.
  • You've made attempts to build a program or course, but are stuck.
  • Your students or clients aren't making any progress.
  • Leadership is lonely, and it is starting to drain you.

Many people look at their Knowledge or Experience and think...

 "Everyone NEEDS to know this! 
Your life will be TRANSFORMED by what I can teach you!" 

But the competition crowds you out,
... or you face one too many rejections,
... or your overthinking ping pongs you between
Analysis Paralysis and saying Yes to TOO much.

... or WORSE...
You begin to believe you're not cut out for this and want to quit.

But, This is Backwards!

You were BORN to Serve!

Start with YOU! Not your Expertise!

Stand out with our Unique Approach
to Leadership and Content Creation


Know Yourself

Get to the Core of Your Values, Motivations, and Strengths


Know Your Audience

Find your Ideal Clients and Gain their Trust and Rapport


Know Your Path

Use your Expertise to Guide others by Empowering them (not Enabling them)

Why are these things Important?

Oftentimes Businesses fail because you aren't being True to yourself.

That's why we start with exploring your Personality first. You'll know how to function with the way you are wired, so Work won't feel like Work.

Good-bye, Procrastination!

If you don't know exactly who you're looking for, you have a lower chance of finding them.

By having a Niche that's in alignment with your Personality, you will stand out among your Competitors so your Perfect People will connect with you and respond to your Offer.

Sayonara, Crickets!

People crave structure...even though sometimes you might deny it!

By giving your Clients a yardstick to track their Progress, you're putting the Power into their Hands which leads to higher Commitment and Satisfaction!

Au revoir, Burnout!

Hi! It's Coach Jen!

I’m excited to announce that UBU is introducing 2 Programs
in May 2021 that combines Everything you Know Me for...
the Enneagram, Business and Life Coaching!

1. Non-Certification Track
(Applied Enneagram for Content Creation and Marketing)

2. Certification Track
(Applied Enneagram for Typing and Empowerment Coaching Skills)

Can you say "Heck Yes!" to all of these?

Do you know your Core Values?

Are you working with people you can actually help?

Do you know exactly what to say during a 1-1 session?

If you said NO to any of these questions...

Don't Worry!

We Got You!

Getting to what is CORE to you FIRST will
Strengthen your Relationships AND Strengthen your Business!

Here's How You'll Do It:


Build on a Solid Foundation

Learn about the 3 legs of your "Personality Tripod" that keeps you Grounded and Stable.

Hello, Motivation!


Attract the People you can Serve

Learn the Secret to Connect with Individuals instead of getting lost in the Shuffle of Generalities or Overshadowed by the Competition.

Hey there, Profit!


Empower Them through your Content or Coaching

Learn to create your Content or Sessions to systematically  guide your Clients in solving their Problem so you can guarantee Results.

What's up, 5-Star Reviews!

Choose the Track that Best Fits your Needs...

Non-Certification Track
In the Business Program for Content Creation and Marketing,
You'll learn...

✔ The Enneagram so you can identify your own values, motivations, and strengths to make sure you stay true to yourself.
✔ The 5 Steps to Marketing yourself as an Inspiring Authority in your field.
✔  The better way to discover your Niche and Ideal Client.
✔ How to turn your Knowledge into a Workshop, Masterclass, Program, etc. using the PATH Framework.

Certification Track
In the Certification Program for Typing and Coaching Skills
You'll ALSO learn...

✔ Tools and Skills to Coach for maximum Results for your Clients
✔ Basic and Advanced Enneagram Topics
✔ How to structure an Enneagram Typing Session using the UBU Methodology
✔ Learn and Practice 3 Processes to walk your clients through that will Empower them, using their Enneagram Growth Map.
✔ How to Market your new Skills as a Standalone Business or to Position your Authority on the topic as a Leader in your field.
✔ How to turn your Knowledge into a Workshop, Masterclass, Program, etc. using the PATH Framework.