Know your Enneagram Type LIVE Masterclass

Get confident about your Enneagram Number! Understand yourself better, relate to others well, and make the impact in the world you were BORN to make!
    • ➜ Live and interactive on Zoom.
    • ➜ HOW and WHY each type expresses themselves.
    • ➜ Step-by-step walkthrough of the proper way to find your type... think of this as taking an assessment with an expert guide.
    • ➜ Resources you can download or print for future reference, including access to the recording of your session.


Cape Town, SA

Jennifer’s way of explaining things, and her upbeat, motivating manner of conducting the session opened me up to accepting that I could have been mistaken in 'typing' myself too quickly ... I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the world, as being on two different continents didn’t hinder our process at all.

If you don't know your type yet,
you can skip the loooooong online test AND the confusing test results. Stop feeling guilty about the dust on that book you bought to explain it all!

If you already know your type,
you'll learn to intuitively understand each of the Enneagram types and really open your eyes to how to get along with everyone...even that "one" know who I'm talking about.

After this 90-minute Zoom masterclass, you'll understand yourself better and how to relate to other well. Plus, you'll be more motivated to crack open that book AND it will make more sense. 

Want a private class for your Group?

No Problem!