Book Launching Soon!

Stepping into my newly renovated office after an amazing first call with my book coach, I took a seat, sipped my coffee...

Yep, I said it. I'm finally writing a book!


It's practically already written and will be launched in September! 

(That's the hole I've been in if you've not seen me.)

Over the past 18 months I've developed a stronger passion towards what I call "Growing Mode" or Integration when it comes to your Personality and Enneagram Tests.
Too many people take the test and put themselves (and others) in a box (albeit unconsciously), and it can put a bigger wedge in relationships than we are aware.Including losing touch with yourself.


If you feel like you are not being seen or heard, plagued by anger, shame, or fear (or a combo), no matter how hard you try to communicate...
maybe you need to know your Acknowledgement Languages™️.

In this book you'll see the Whole Enneagram in a new way!

You can step out of the box and interact within the community without compromising what you value.


You're not just asking yourself "Who am I?" But "Who am I in the World?" 

Knowing your core motivations will give you clues about how you unconsciously self-protect (and self-sabotage 😬 ) trying to feel acknowledged and validated.

"Why do I keep doing the things???"

Fyi, You are already valid. 

First goal.... putting together my launch team of readers who want to understand themselves better so you know how you need to reset and rebalance

Join the team here:

Kudos to Self-Publishing School for helping me feel confident to finally write this book! I am a best-selling author!

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